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New Development

...and three years passed. I haven't actually stopped working on AqWiki, but since nobody was using it in the real world I stopped commiting to the repository and just updated my local install (which runs and my own personal wiki). This, obviously, bit me on the arse hard when I needed to revert a change, so I started commiting back to SVN.

Not Sourceforge's SVN, though, because now I've got my own repo. Current development work is done at, and I hope to put a new solid release up here soon.

State of the world

AqWiki 0.00a was a screaming sucess (Well, someone downloaded it, and it's being used in servers across the world. Well, one in the UK and another in Sweeden) but developement has not stopped there! We have pushed forward though the process, in the hope of gaining - one day soon - a product that Actually Works!

Okay, basically, you shouldn't use 0.00a. It has a number of bugs which makes it annoying to use, and the version in CVS is a couple of thousand percent better in most ways. I'll do another beta release when it's a little closer to completeness.

AqWiki 0.01 released

AqWiki version 0.01 - codenamed "Prerelease Alpha Milestone Zero Beta" not to underline the whole "Not completely shipshape nor bristol fashion" thing too much - has been released. Get it here: while it's hot. Then report bugs here:

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